J. Loera

Jose Loera is a first-generation American who was born and raised in California’s Central Valley.  Jose knows the importance of hard work, dedication, and perseverance; he is committed to serving the community through effective leadership.  Jose began his career as a public servant in 2003 as a firefighter for the US Forest Service on their Hot Shot crew.  Jose continued his journey as a public servant when he decided to become a police officer in 2008 for the City of San Bernardino.  Jose was able to familiarize himself with the unique plight of the residents of San Bernardino by serving in a multitude of roles within the San Bernardino Police Department.  Jose began as a patrol officer and later became a District Resource Officer he was able to combat key issues that affected the quality of life.  Jose then transferred to the Narcotics Division where he conducted cartel-level investigations focused on intercepting narcotics entering the US mainland.   Jose was promoted to the rank of Patrol Corporal where he assisted in the training of new recruits.  As Jose continued to advance in his career, he was promoted to the rank of Detective and transferred to the Detective Bureau – Specialized Crimes Division.  As a Specialized Crimes Detective, Jose investigated crimes against children with an emphasis in cybercrimes against children.  Most recently, Jose was promoted to the rank of Sergeant where he intends to continue to work towards improving the community while contributing to the advancement of the agency.  

T. Morris

Tim Morris has been a Police Officer for 5 years with the San Bernardino Police Department. Prior to coming to SBPD, he was a Military Police Officer for the United States Army for 8 years. 

Tim is currently assigned as a Patrol Officer in the Northern District. Prior to his assignment he was a District Resource Officer for the southern district which means he worked closely with business managers to overcome ongoing issues in and around their businesses. Prior to the DRO position Tim was assigned to the Patrol Division where he primarily worked the western district on the 3/12 graveyard shift.