The San Bernardino Police Officers Association (SBPOA) has a rich history dating back to its establishment in 1953 under the name “San Bernardino Police Benefit Association.” Over the years, this organization has evolved and transformed into a labor-focused association, dedicated to improving the benefits and working conditions for San Bernardino city police officers.

In 1980, The name changed and the SBPOA was formed. The early years of the SBPOA were shaped by Mike Lewis, who served as president from its inception until 1986. Lewis played a crucial role in modernizing the association’s labor efforts and spearheading necessary workplace improvements, setting the stage for future leaders.

Following Lewis, Terry Wood and Frank Alvarez Sr. each served single two-year terms as president until 1990. It was during this time that Steve Filson, the association’s vice president, assumed the role of president, serving an impressive 12-year tenure. Filson’s leadership was instrumental in driving positive change within the SBPOA.

In 2002, Rich Lawhead took the helm as president, leading the association for nine years. Lawhead’s tenure coincided with a challenging period for the city and the POA, as they faced the threat of bankruptcy. However, under the guidance of Steve Turner, who held the position of president from 2011 to 2015, the SBPOA successfully navigated this difficult period.

Steve Desrochers assumed the presidency in 2016, followed by Brian Lewis from 2018 to 2021. Lewis played a pivotal role in leading the SBPOA post-bankruptcy, focusing on improving working conditions and negotiating better pay through a skilled negotiations team. He laid a strong foundation for the future of the association.

Currently, Jon Plummer serves as the president of the SBPOA. Building upon the accomplishments of his predecessors, Plummer is dedicated to further enhancing working conditions and benefits for the men and women of the SBPOA. Under his leadership, the association continues to strive for excellence and advocate for the rights and well-being of its members.

The SBPOA’s journey has been marked by dedicated leaders who have worked tirelessly to represent and support San Bernardino city police officers. With a commitment to progress and a focus on their members’ best interests, the SBPOA remains a pillar of support and advocacy within the law enforcement community.

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