Kim Knaus Secures SBPOA Endorsement for San Bernardino City Council District 5 Race

Oct 3, 2023

After meticulous evaluation and understanding of the pressing needs of our community, the San Bernardino Police Officers Association (SBPOA) confidently announces its endorsement of Kim Knaus for City Council District 5.

Kim Knaus, Founder and Principal of Intraurban Strategies has consistently showcased her commitment to elevating safety and the quality of life in San Bernardino. With the city and PD’s focus on combating frequent ranking among the most dangerous in the U.S., her focus on creating safe neighborhoods is timely and crucial.

Her vision encompasses lighting improvements, expanding code enforcement, proactive policing, and strategic collaborations to combat trash and graffiti. Moreover, her balanced and informed approach to addressing the homelessness crisis, prioritizing both compassion and the welfare of taxpayers, is commendable.

San Bernardino City Council Candidate Kim Knaus

“Kim Knaus embodies the leadership and change District 5 urgently needs. Her unwavering dedication to public safety and comprehensive understanding of the complexities surrounding homelessness distinctly sets her apart. Her proactive and community-centric approach aligns seamlessly with our mission to ensure a safer San Bernardino.”

Jon Plummer

President, San Bernardino Police Officers Association

Knaus’s professional background, including her role as a Field Representative for San Bernardino County Supervisor Joe Baca Jr. and her leadership in community projects like The Verdemont Revitalization Project, underscores her dedication to the city. Her community connection also extends into her educational background as Kim is a Cal State University, San Bernardino alumni, and Coyote at heart.

Her consistent support for law enforcement, as seen in her attendance at SBPD events, further solidifies her as the right choice for District 5.

To learn more about Kim Knaus and her vision for San Bernardino, visit

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