SBPOA Backs Nick Wilson for Assembly, Cementing Law and Order at the Heart of District 53

Nov 13, 2023

In a decisive move, the San Bernardino Police Officers’ Association (SBPOA) proudly announces its endorsement of Nick Wilson for the California State Assembly, bolstering the call for a seasoned champion of law enforcement and community safety in Assembly District 53.

SBPOA President Jon Plummer hailed Nick Wilson’s credentials, stating, “Nick Wilson stands unmatched in his dedication to law and order. His career, marked by valor and sacrifice, exemplifies the very best of public service. The SBPOA is proud to endorse a candidate who not only speaks of change but has lived it.”

Wilson, a retired police officer with deep roots in community safety and mental health advocacy, has already garnered significant endorsements, reflecting a broad coalition of support. His endorsements from Alex Villanueva, the 33rd Sheriff of LA County, and the police officers’ associations of Claremont and Fontana underscore his unwavering commitment to upholding the law and ensuring the safety of Californians.

Assemblyman Candidate Nick Wilson

“After 13 years in law enforcement, my career ended medically due to line-of-duty injuries, including PTSD. In the wake of my retirement, I founded a nonprofit to champion mental health and wellness for first responders. My roots aren’t planted in politics or wealth; I’m a retired police officer with a profound care for the state of California and the legacy we leave our children. My focus is on tangible solutions to enhance Californians’ public safety and quality of life.”

Nick Wilson

Assembly Candidate

Wilson’s personal journey from an officer facing threats from criminals and adversity to a champion for mental health resonates with many who have faced hardships. His founding of The Resiliency Project, an organization dedicated to supporting first responder mental health, stands as a testament to his resilience and leadership.

Wilson’s campaign comes at a critical juncture, with community members calling for a restored emphasis on public safety and a proactive approach to the region’s economic and social challenges. With a platform focused on advocating for law enforcement, restoring public safety, safeguarding communities, fighting for parental rights, and mitigating homelessness, Wilson positions himself as the candidate poised to lead with integrity and experience.

“Nick is not a traditional politician; he’s a problem-solver, a protector, and a parent. He knows firsthand the issues facing local communities – from the economic pressures to the imperative of keeping our parks and streets safe for our families. His life’s work embodies the spirit of service and safety we need in Sacramento.”

Jon Plummer

President, San Bernardino Police Officers Association

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