Bessine Littlefield Richard: A Ward 6 Native Earns San Bernardino Police Officers Association Endorsement for City Council

Feb 2, 2024

The San Bernardino Police Officers Association (SBPOA) proudly announces its endorsement of Bessine Littlefield Richard for San Bernardino City Council – 6th Ward. The endorsement comes with high regard for Richard’s dedication to public safety and her deep-rooted connection to the community.

Born and raised in the 6th Ward of San Bernardino, Richard profoundly understands the community. Her term as Councilwoman from 2016 to 2020 was highlighted by her advocacy for an SBPD substation in the Westside area and opposing cuts to the police department’s budget during times of civil unrest.

San Bernardino City Council Candidate Bessine Richard

“Bessine Littlefield Richard’s commitment to the safety and well-being of San Bernardino stands out distinctly. Her deep understanding of the 6th Ward’s challenges, coupled with her unwavering support for law enforcement, makes her the clear choice for city council.”

Jon Plummer

President, San Bernardino Police Officers Association

The County of San Bernardino Workforce Development Manager, Richard’s, approach to public safety extends beyond policing. She emphasizes the importance of recruiting and retaining police personnel, providing adequate resources for law enforcement, and addressing legislative issues that impact public safety. Her broader agenda includes reducing crime, homelessness, and affordable housing in the city.

Richard’s city council tenure, especially following the George Floyd tragedy, was marked by her steadfast support for the police during a period where such a stance was often unpopular. Her actions during this challenging time reflect her commitment to balanced and effective governance.

“I served on the council during the George Floyd tragedy. When many politicians were throwing police officers under the bus, I stood strong in supporting the men and women of law enforcement. As a councilwoman, I opposed those who sought to “defund” and villainize our police department,” said Richard. “On the Council, I worked closely with our police leadership to expand community policing and support the opening of a new police substation.”

The SBPOA’s endorsement highlights its confidence in Bessine Richard’s ability to lead with integrity and efficacy, addressing the dire needs and critical challenges of San Bernardino Ward 6.

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